How to use Google Forms?

Google Forms are a great tool for creating business forms easily and fast. You don’t need any training to learn how to use them and there is nothing to install. All you have to do is sign into your Google account and navigate to docs.google.com/forms, and you are ready to get started. Create your Google […]


5 Reasons to use barcode

Barcodes are a great tool to help business becoming more efficient because they provide a method to track and store information about goods that is far more effective compared with manually entering information. Barcodes are often overlooked as a method for reducing time and money; however, they are both cost-effective and very reliable. What is […]


Mobile forms for business: How to use them?

Technology has transformed the way businesses operate. In many industries, employees don’t work in the office and spend most of the time in the field where they need to collect and submit data in real-time to ensure that business workflows keep moving forward. In the old days, they were using paper forms to do that, […]


Best apps to get a paperless office

When you run a business, you are always looking for every possible way to increase efficiency, cut costs, and save time and resources. Trying to get a paperless office not only will benefit the environment; it will also help you to streamline operations and to reduce expenses. It doesn’t matter if your company is a […]


9 Essential apps for small business

As any entrepreneur, small business owners want to get things done faster, better, more efficiently and without too many complications. The good news is that now there is a wide range of business apps that can well help them to achieve these goals. New business apps come to light every day and some of them might […]


4 Benefits of business mobility solutions

Mobile solutions are revolutionizing the way businesses operate, improving communication between staff, increasing  efficiency and productivity, and helping businesses to solve daily challenges with scalable solutions. People now do everything from their mobile devices and the business world is no exception. More and more organizations are realizing that mobile solutions can improve the efficiency of […]


The importance of conducting safety audits

Safety audits are essential for any industry because they are procedures designed to keep people safe, improve operational efficiency and reduce maintenance costs and the findings are used to improve safety, help with equipment scheduling, set budgets, among other things. A safety audit is a structured assessment and evaluation of how workplace activities can affect […]

offline forms

How to collect data without internet access?

Online data collection tools and methods are the most used ways to gather data efficiently. From emails, chats to online forms and mobile apps, there are many online data collection ways when you are connected to the Internet. However, the problem is that, sometimes, you or your team need to collect data without any internet […]