5 Tips to help you improve incident management by 50%

Incident management is one of the most important IT service management processes for any organization. An important incident can cause great commercial damage, since it might involves an increase in customer inquiries and complaints. For that reason, most organizations are aware of the importance of having an incident management process in place to minimize the […]


Why your company need workflow automation?

In a world where speed is very important, businesses need flexibility to adapt and modify their processes and practices to stay competitive. The fast pace of modernization and the rise of customer expectations are driving organizations toward business transformation in order to achieve excellence. Choosing the right solution for business process transformation will provide easy […]


Technology: how is shaping the future of farming?

Information and communications technology (ICT) is affecting different aspects of business across all industries. Like any other entrepreneurs, farmers are becoming increasingly dependent on automation, data-driven and GPS technology. These tools help them to monitor their crops and livestock and it also provide them accurate data that are essential to make informed and responsible decisions. […]


How to manage your field team?

When you’re dealing with several teams based in different locations even with different time zone and communication logistics, trying to keep your team motivated and engaged can be complex. Managing a field team is a bit challenge that requires a specific set of skills and tools in order to ensure that the whole team stays […]

Farm management software

How digital technology is changing agriculture?

The world is becoming ever more connected through digital technology. Mobile devices are getting smaller, faster, cheaper and more efficient. Many industries are taking advantage of this digital innovation to address challenges in their sector. Digital tools are helping many businesses to take better decisions, and farmers are no exception. Technology and new digital tools […]


How can your company benefit from digital transformation?

The market is radically changing which is reflected in new habits, needs, desires, ways of communicating and consuming. Digitization allows companies to improve their performance, increase their productivity and access new markets. The digital revolution is transforming the world in many aspects and modern technologies are changing the way we interact, communicate and consume products and […]