api integration

API Integrations: 5 Ways they can benefit your business

An API (stands for Application Programming Interface) is a software that allows two or more applications to connect with each other.  In simple words, it is the messenger that delivers your request to the provider and then delivers the response back to you. It is an interface that allows one application to talk to another […]


How to use Google Drive for business?

Google Drive is a cloud storage service which main purpose is to expand your ability to store files above the limits of your hard drive. This is the most well-known file synchronization and cloud storage solution and it allows users to store files on the cloud. Google Drive can store any kind of file such […]


Effects of mobile technology in business communication

Business communication have evolved greatly over the last few years. This has been made possible by the fast integration of different technological tools that have automated tasks and made the business processes easier and more efficient. Mobile technology and connectivity have been changing the way we communicate with each other and the practice of business […]


Why your business need a mobile device management?

In the last decade, consumers’ demand for mobile devices has increased substantially. These devices (smartphones and tablets) have been evolving to create endless possibilities for users and the arrival of 5G will make these articles even more valuable and necessary. For entrepreneurs, the question that should be answered is the following: How do you manage […]


The main benefits of eliminating paperwork

The majority of small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) would like to cut paper out of their business processes to reduce time and money waste and security risks. Switching to mobile forms and data collection software can have a positive impact on your business growth and productivity. Without a digital process in place, data collected in […]


Excel for business: 5 functions that you should know

If you are a data analyst or an entrepreneur that manage tones of data, Excel functions can be very helpful on your daily work. Using Excel, you not only can calculate and structure data in an organized manner; you can also provide your team with a common platform. Microsoft Excel spreadsheet software has become an […]


2019: A year to focus on data collection

Whichever industry you are in, you will almost certainly have heard about “data” and how is changing our businesses and our world. Data is information collected to be analysed to help decision-making, or information in an electronic form that can be stored and used by a software or computer program. Importance of data Data is […]


Leverage digital technology to increase revenue

In this era of digital transformation, new technologies have opened up opportunities for businesses and created new challenges. At present, advanced technology has also become more accessible to a wider audience. In a recent past, only big companies had access to the latest technological developments. Now, digital technology is reachable to businesses of all sizes. […]


How to use technology to improve workplace safety

Workplace safety is essential in any organization because all the workers want to labour in a safe and protected environment. Health and safety is the key factor for all the industries in order to promote and improve the wellness of both employees and employers. All the industries have safety risks and the management should dedicate […]


Go paperless in 2019

The technology is changing the way we live, from the way we communicate with others to way we shop and work. For instance, a couple of decades ago, everybody was using atlas or paper maps to search for an address. Now we have Google Maps and other apps that provide satellite imagery, street maps, 360° […]