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7 Reasons to go paperless now

Going paperless can be a huge investment upfront, but it pays off in the long run. When you run a business, you are always looking for every way to streamline operations, cut costs, and save time and resources.  The benefits of going paperless There are many reasons to go paperless and the benefits of the […]


How to profit by going paperless?

Technology has changed the way companies do business. Becoming a paperless office is becoming a popular trend because it can bring many benefits to your company. If you still have stacks of paper in your office, here are seven reasons that you should convince you to go paperless: Cost saving The cost of paper extends […]


The main benefits of eliminating paperwork

The majority of small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) would like to cut paper out of their business processes to reduce time and money waste and security risks. Switching to mobile forms and data collection software can have a positive impact on your business growth and productivity. Without a digital process in place, data collected in […]


Go paperless in 2019

The technology is changing the way we live, from the way we communicate with others to way we shop and work. For instance, a couple of decades ago, everybody was using atlas or paper maps to search for an address. Now we have Google Maps and other apps that provide satellite imagery, street maps, 360° […]


Best apps to get a paperless office

When you run a business, you are always looking for every possible way to increase efficiency, cut costs, and save time and resources. Trying to get a paperless office not only will benefit the environment; it will also help you to streamline operations and to reduce expenses. It doesn’t matter if your company is a […]

mobile forms

Why your business should switch to mobile forms?

In today’s competitive world, companies need advantages to keep up with the upcoming challenges. New technologies have provided businesses a wide range of options to choose from in order to evolve their processes. Mobile forms are having a great impact on businesses because they are helping them to increase productivity and to lower operational costs. […]


10 steps to create a paperless office

Paper is everywhere and businesses spend a lot of time and money moving and disposing paperwork around. Decades ago a paperless office seemed like a distant dream. Today, thanks to technology, the amount of paper used by companies decreased substantially, we can still do more. For today’s businesses probably cannot go completely paperless as sometimes […]

Online surveys

Advantages of using online surveys

Surveys are essential to obtain feedback from your customers and potential clients. In all types of organizations reaction is the jumping off point to continuous improvement and effectiveness. There are many ways of gathering data from the target audience and online surveys are some of the most widely utilized methods.   In business, surveys can […]

No more paper

How much paper waste is costing your business?

How much paper did you use in the office today? How much is paper waste costing you? It does not seem to be a relevant figure in your finance´s book, but it certainly has an impact on the yearly expenses. Between invoices, notes, documents and others, paper is being consumed on a great scale every […]

Paper Forms vs DataScope

Benefits of using digital forms for data collection

The use of digital forms will help your company to reduce costs, streamline business processes and improve efficiency. The ability to collect and analyze data effectively is increasingly important to businesses. Companies gather, examine, process and build reports on large volumes of data. Traditionally, they have deployed mail surveys, telephone interviews, door-to-door interviews as methods […]