Technology: how is shaping the future of farming?

Information and communications technology (ICT) is affecting different aspects of business across all industries. Like any other entrepreneurs, farmers are becoming increasingly dependent on automation, data-driven and GPS technology. These tools help them to monitor their crops and livestock and it also provide them accurate data that are essential to make informed and responsible decisions. […]


Leverage digital technology to increase revenue

In this era of digital transformation, new technologies have opened up opportunities for businesses and created new challenges. At present, advanced technology has also become more accessible to a wider audience. In a recent past, only big companies had access to the latest technological developments. Now, digital technology is reachable to businesses of all sizes. […]


Site inspections: Why using digital checklists?

Sites could be dangerous places with all the heavy machinery, equipment and a lot of people moving around. In order to manage sites and to prevent mechanical hazards and work accidents, managers need to have proactive measures such as site inspections which are assessment tours to check and inspect specific phases of work, equipment and […]


4 Technology trends for business in 2019

The advance of new technologies is relentless and the new developments are having a huge impact on business. That is the reason why everybody is keen to know which innovations will become the ‘next big things’ for 2019. Many of the new developments will shape the world, the future and the way of making business. […]


6 common mistakes companies make when going digital

These days most companies are embracing technology in one way or another. However, some of them aren’t approaching the digital world in the right way. The biggest mistake is treating digital as something to add on to a company’s existing operations. Digital transformation is about leveraging digital technology to prompt strategic improvement across an organization. […]


Why you should digitize your work orders?

Technology is making our lives easier day by day. Things that used to be difficult can now be done with a click, which means that we can work use out time in a smarter way to do more things and be more productive than ever before. For business, technology has become a huge asset with […]


Why your company need workflows?

The development technologies have brought new business software that allows the generation of automated workflow. At present, you can find many useful tools to create effective workflows. When we talk about workflow and process automation, we refer to technologies that help us to optimize the implementation and execution of business processes and allow us to […]

software for the food industry

Ensuring quality in the food industry

The food industry, like the rest of the industries, has been evolving and integrating technological solutions into their production and distribution processes to adapt themselves to the current market requirements and the consumers ever evolving needs and demands. Food companies attempt to offer the highest quality product in order to gain their consumers’ trust. To […]

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