7 Benefits of using digital work orders

In today’s modern world, digital technology is making our lives easier. Things that used to take time can now be done in a couple of clicks. Until recently, work orders were created manually which could lead to diverse types of problems such as data loss, delay in operations and more. Using digital orders, you can […]


4 keys to increase your company’s ROI

The Return on Investment (ROI) which measures the efficiency between an investment and the benefits of that investment -expressed as a percentage- is one of the most commonly used metrics to calculate if your company’s strategies are delivering results. What are we doing with the ROI? The transformation of our clients towards mobile consumption, and […]

Formulario de Inspección

Inspection forms get up to date with the 21st century

Data collection methods for field inspections have significantly changed after the fast irruption of mobile technology in everyday life. The smartphone has adapted to the business requirements for higher effectiveness and productivity levels, apart from representing important in cost reductions and time savings, providing a valuable option versus the traditional inspection forms. If your company […]

Mobile solutions

What role did mobile solutions play for companies in 2016?

What role do mobile solutions play for companies today, and how can we predict the importance they will have in a 2017 that’s on the brink of arriving? In this regard, Gerencia magazine points out wisely that mobile solutions aren’t an ideal prototype of apps as they were a few years ago. In 2016 we […]

Business essentials mobile forms

The time to adopt mobile forms is now

In a previous article we talked about the adoption of mobile forms and the subsequent increase in your company’s productivity. But in this article we’ll show you the reasons why now it can be the perfect time to integrate mobile forms to your company’s operations. According to Forbes, when it comes to mobile strategies, many […]


80% of small and mid-sized companies prefer digital forms over paper forms

There are many technological developments that any company can apply to reduce costs greatly, and digital forms are one of them. Its revolutionary technology increases their productivity significantly, reducing time wastage which costs companies big or small important amounts of money each year. In fact, the business world already knows the advantages of the migration […]

Tecnología móvil

A mobile-first strategy increases productivity

According to a recent Gallup survey, each disengaged employee costs an organization about $3,400 for every $10,000 in annual salary. Another interesting data point is that actively disengaged employees cost the American economy somewhere between $450 billion and $550 billion in productivity annually. This shows that creating more engaged employees needs to be at the top […]

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