Create an elevator maintenance checklist

Elevators are very complicated pieces of equipment that need constant maintenance to keep running safely and smoothly. Elevator malfunctions can create safety hazards and cause expensive repairs. To avoid these issues and ensure all equipment is working in good condition and in compliance with building regulations, they need regular preventive maintenance inspections. Performing regular elevator […]

mobile operations on field

6 best practices to organize your work orders

Processing, prioritizing, and tracking incoming work orders requires a lot of effort, especially when they are coming from different channels such as emails, meetings, instant messages, phone calls, and more. Managing all these requests is time-consuming and difficult to sustain. Do you want to bring organization to the chaos of incoming work order so you can spend […]

Facility Manager DataScope

Facility manager and mobile tools: Win-Win

The facility manager today is forced to deal with a variety of daily responsibilities while complying with strict regulatory measures, maintaining aging assets and infrastructure, and facing pressures to cut expenses and complete more work with less resources. His function is even more complex considering the facility manager handles the work of different service providers, […]

Mantenimiento Ascensores

Innovation opportunities for the elevator maintenance service

One of the biggest obstacles industries must overcome is the irruption of stricter regulatory frameworks, which in many occasions force companies to update their internal business processes and adapt to the legal requirements quickly if they don’t want to give in to competitors. Can technology help to make this adaptation less traumatic for companies? Actually, […]