4 keys to increase your company’s ROI

The Return on Investment (ROI) which measures the efficiency between an investment and the benefits of that investment -expressed as a percentage- is one of the most commonly used metrics to calculate if your company’s strategies are delivering results. What are we doing with the ROI? The transformation of our clients towards mobile consumption, and […]

Damage Assessment

6 apps supporting damage assessment work upon natural disasters

Right now, the United States and the Caribbean are experiencing a devastating hurricane season, bringing winds so intense that have caused the destruction of infrastructure, massive energy blackouts and the loss of human lives in different countries of the area. As it passes through Miami, hurricane Irma has already turned into the first storm in […]

DataScope Productividad

How can you drive field service productivity?

Achieving a sustained increase in productivity, coming from the workers themselves instead of coming from external stimulation, is a pending matter for any company in Latin America. If your company suffers from low field service productivity, you may need to read the following paragraphs to find out what to do to solve it. How to […]

Formulario de Inspección

Inspection forms get up to date with the 21st century

Data collection methods for field inspections have significantly changed after the fast irruption of mobile technology in everyday life. The smartphone has adapted to the business requirements for higher effectiveness and productivity levels, apart from representing important in cost reductions and time savings, providing a valuable option versus the traditional inspection forms. If your company […]

Encuesta Origen Destino EOD

After the renewal of the Origin-Destination survey

Transportation is one of the key sectors in urban planning, and a proper record of its daily flow becomes essential to determine future politics which help improve the way people move about in the city. Statistical reports are the tools most used by urban planners to define the sector’s future objectives. An understanding of trip […]

Facility Manager DataScope

Facility manager and mobile tools: Win-Win

The facility manager today is forced to deal with a variety of daily responsibilities while complying with strict regulatory measures, maintaining aging assets and infrastructure, and facing pressures to cut expenses and complete more work with less resources. His function is even more complex considering the facility manager handles the work of different service providers, […]

Ventas en terreno

Mobile presales: doing business from the palm of your hand

Many companies are suffering the same problem: they can’t consolidate their sales instantly, delaying not only the consolidation of scattered information but also -which is even more serious- delaying additional time to deliver the orders to their customers. If you and your company are committed to embrace innovation with mobile solutions to achieve high impact […]

Operaciones en terreno

Field operations, enhanced by mobile forms

Smartphones clearly have made an impact in changing things, not only in our private lives. Mobile apps are also causing a revolution in the labour market. For example, big and small companies specialized in field operations are incorporating software for mobile devices available at all times for its workers, and they are setting the trend […]

field data collection DataScope

7 advantages of field data collection with mobile devices

Field data collection can be a tricky process, which requires a lot of resources. Companies which install, monitor, or service equipment in the field, know that their productivity is directly linked to the efficiency of their methods to collect and share data between field workers and the office. The challenges to the operational efficiency in […]