HVAC Forms

Mobile HVAC forms revitalize companies in the sector

As you had probably noted, HVAC maintenance, service, installation and repair experts don’t have time for paperwork. Field inspections get into such a rhythm and speed that they rarely have enough time to fill their HVAC forms correctly, get back to the office and submit them within the defined timeframes to process them that same […]

Mantenimiento Ascensores

Innovation opportunities for the elevator maintenance service

One of the biggest obstacles industries must overcome is the irruption of stricter regulatory frameworks, which in many occasions force companies to update their internal business processes and adapt to the legal requirements quickly if they don’t want to give in to competitors. Can technology help to make this adaptation less traumatic for companies? Actually, […]


Everything you should know about inspection software

What are inspections? Inspections involve visiting a location, collecting data, performing evaluations, and returning your findings to a central office for its storage or further action. The purpose of these inspections is to prevent risky situations so that no accidents, contingencies or flaws materialise, eliminating or reducing any of them to tolerable values, and keep […]

Aplicaciones móviles revolucionan la recolección de datos en terreno

Mobile apps revolutionize field data collection

Countless companies are joining the trend of using mobile apps to upgrade the management of their processes. Among these is the field data collection, a process of multiple complexities used by the most diverse industries and which regularly, due to internal problems associated to its handling, sparks conflicts with customers, from which companies can’t recover […]

software de control de plagas DataScope

Pest control software: why is it valuable to companies?

Pest control is an interesting field to install a profitable business, as demonstrated by the great amount of specialized companies offering this service. However, since there are multiple companies offering this service, the sector needs to adapt to more demanding customers. Home owners and companies affected by pests ask for the most efficient, fast and […]


How can we add value to the technical service area?

Companies are generally concerned to deliver the best possible product or service facing the clients, and the greatest efforts focus on leaving the customer satisfied. But what happens when our customer needs our help or when he has to make a complaint? According to data from the American Management Association (AMA), an unsatisfied client expresses […]

Herramientas móviles renuevan los formularios de reporte de incidentes

Mobile tools renew incident report forms

Mobile platforms have cleared the path towards a revolution in the business world by complementing and overcoming with innovation the traditional proceedings used by companies to solve their daily problems. Whenever we think that mobile tools can’t solve anything new, their reach gets expanded beyond our imagination, and they offer us brand new results to […]

beneficios de la firma electrónica para su organización

How can your organization benefit from the electronic signature?

Tools of digital technology nowadays offer benefits that if seized, help boost the performance of any traditional process still depending on a physical medium. It’s the case of the electronic signature: a legal concept and the electronic equivalent to a person’s unique signature, the electronic signature means a person accepts the contents of an electronic […]


5 advantages of offline surveys versus digital questionnaires

Who hasn’t completed a survey at least once? From offline surveys (on paper forms) for population censuses, to digital questionnaires which became popular in different platforms since the arrival of Internet, these old data collection techniques are still as popular as ever both on a corporative level and on the public sector. In this regard, […]


5 fields where mobile solutions are revolutionizing how companies work

Mobile phones have spread beyond the personal use, to penetrate fully into the business world. In this line, the demands of companies for services allowing employees to use their own mobile devices to stay connected during work have multiplied by ten during 2015, according to the newspaper Pulso. However, due to the lack of knowledge […]