The importance of preventive maintenance checklist

Preventive maintenance is essential to avoid larger, costly fixes down the line. A preventive maintenance plan can save a company money because it will managers and staff to focus on preventing equipment failure rather than reacting in case of emergencies. Preventive maintenance checklists can help you to monitor your assets based on maintenance goals, expected […]


Why your company need workflow automation?

In a world where speed is very important, businesses need flexibility to adapt and modify their processes and practices to stay competitive. The fast pace of modernization and the rise of customer expectations are driving organizations toward business transformation in order to achieve excellence. Choosing the right solution for business process transformation will provide easy […]

on site workers

7 tips for effectively managing a field based team

When your team is working in different locations, it is quite hard to manage production processes, sales performance strategy, communication logistics whilst trying to keep your team motivated, engaged and improving their performances.  If you’re managing a remote team, how can you really be sure everyone is on task and collaborating appropriately? Here are few […]


Tips to improve your on-site inspections

Store inspections are preventive tools that help an organization to detect and control unusual and risky situations and  improve production processes and safety conditions. Safety audits and inspections are much more than compliance. These procedures help your company to retain low maintenance costs and keep people safe while improving operational efficiency. Field inspections are essential […]


4 keys to increase your company’s ROI

The Return on Investment (ROI) which measures the efficiency between an investment and the benefits of that investment -expressed as a percentage- is one of the most commonly used metrics to calculate if your company’s strategies are delivering results. What are we doing with the ROI? The transformation of our clients towards mobile consumption, and […]


Chief operations officer and his key role in the digital transformation

Overwhelmed by the high responsibility, endless working hours, and the need to report daily to the company’s general management, the chief operations officer’ position is very complex and challenging, and it seems to never end. The high level of requirements needed, the large set of skills, qualifications and strengths needed makes the candidate selection process […]