Replace paper forms with mobile forms

Professionals across diverse industries are replacing antiquated pen-and-paper forms with mobile forms which become very popular thanks to the emergence of smartphones and tablets. Today, workers often have to collect data outside of the office. Many companies, like construction and utility companies, require a mobility strategy that provide field workers tablets, smartphones and the equipment […]

data collection

Know the different methods of data collection

Data is essential to take good business decisions. To obtain accurate and compelling data you have to find reliable and suitable methods. Here we will show you some great data collection methods. Data collection is the systematic approach to gathering and measuring information from diverse sources to understand a specific area of interest. In business, […]

offline google forms datascope

Can you use Google Forms offline?

Google Forms are probably the best known and most popular tools available to create online forms, thanks to its stupendous integration with other tools of this online platform, such as Google Drive (for example, you can export the data to a Google sheet to analyze them more comfortably). On the other hand, it allows choosing […]