Excel for business: 5 functions that you should know

If you are a data analyst or an entrepreneur that manage tones of data, Excel functions can be very helpful on your daily work. Using Excel, you not only can calculate and structure data in an organized manner; you can also provide your team with a common platform. Microsoft Excel spreadsheet software has become an […]


2019: A year to focus on data collection

Whichever industry you are in, you will almost certainly have heard about “data” and how is changing our businesses and our world. Data is information collected to be analysed to help decision-making, or information in an electronic form that can be stored and used by a software or computer program. Importance of data Data is […]


Why your company need workflow automation?

In a world where speed is very important, businesses need flexibility to adapt and modify their processes and practices to stay competitive. The fast pace of modernization and the rise of customer expectations are driving organizations toward business transformation in order to achieve excellence. Choosing the right solution for business process transformation will provide easy […]


Leverage digital technology to increase revenue

In this era of digital transformation, new technologies have opened up opportunities for businesses and created new challenges. At present, advanced technology has also become more accessible to a wider audience. In a recent past, only big companies had access to the latest technological developments. Now, digital technology is reachable to businesses of all sizes. […]


How to use technology to improve workplace safety

Workplace safety is essential in any organization because all the workers want to labour in a safe and protected environment. Health and safety is the key factor for all the industries in order to promote and improve the wellness of both employees and employers. All the industries have safety risks and the management should dedicate […]

construction industry

How to use inspection checklists in construction?

Construction projects are becoming more demanding and complex. In an industry where health and safety issues can be matters of life and death inspection checklists can be critical quality control tools for the entire construction industry. Construction inspection checklists (also known as an inspection form) are effective ways to operate in compliance with the health and safety […]


4 innovations that are changing the mining industry

The mining industry has become a great laboratory for the development and application of new technologies. It has gone from being an activity where physical work was fundamental to being an activity where many teams operate remotely and where the use of efficient technology is essential. Mining is considered one of the most productive and […]

happiness at work

A happy workforce will benefit your company

According to diverse studies, happy companies are more successful on a variety of metrics. Therefore, creating a happy work environment has become a priority for companies around the world. However, this task is not as straightforward as you might think. Research and practice both tell us that what makes people happy in the workplace is […]


How to increase business productivity?

Running a business is not easy; managing resources, customers and delivering good products and services whilst trying to increase profitability is a challenge, to say the least. To increase productivity it is necessary to take advantage of all the available resources to get the most benefits with the least effort. Below, we share some recommendations […]