8 reasons to use mobile forms for quality assurance

Quality assurance processes are essential for any business because they help organizations to maintain quality standards by preventing problems. Therefore, this is a very important topic that shouldn’t be overlooked. An organization has to ensure that processes are efficient and effective. Granting good quality in products, services and processes has many benefits for the business […]

Pasos para mantener las órdenes de trabajo organizadas

How to use mobile forms for quality control inspections?

Business managers attempt to meet the highest quality standards in all their factories and stores to deliver the best possible products to customers. Until a few years ago, quality control inspection systems were traditionally done on paper and clipboard forms, which meant that field inspectors had to rewrite reports to send them back to the […]


Why do you need a good quality management system?

A quality management system allows an organization to analyze their customers needs and define the appropriate processes for an efficient production and distribution of services. A quality management system is the set of coordinated activities to direct and control an organization in relation to quality. It includes the quality policy, the objectives, the planning, the […]

mobile form certification

Digital forms simplify quality certifications

Quality certifications such as the classic ISO 9001 are proceedings by which a company provides a written warranty that a product, process or service from another company complies with certain quality requirements. And who could say otherwise? For many reasons, quality certifications are the best allies any organization can boast. According to the website Commercial […]

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Quality control area reinvents itself thanks to technology

One of the main problems the real estate market faces is the high rate of unfavorable responses that companies deliver to consumers. In Chile during 2016, the cases that were not admitted and not answered represented 62%, well over the average of the rest of the markets. According to the website Diario Pyme, in the […]