It is time to replace your paper forms

Many companies are still using paper forms; so why should you consider changing? Using paper forms can be complicated and time consuming, because employees have to fill out the form and send the information to the administrator or another team member to process the paperwork. Using digital forms to gather and share information you can […]


Improve retail management with mobile forms

Managing a retail operation is a complicated business because it involves different activities such as supervision of merchandise and finances, employees and business premises; inventory management, monitoring and analysing customer needs, and more. Carrying out all these duties manually, could be extremely difficult and error prone because relying on paper forms and manual data capture […]


The importance of conducting safety audits

Safety audits are essential for any industry because they are procedures designed to keep people safe, improve operational efficiency and reduce maintenance costs and the findings are used to improve safety, help with equipment scheduling, set budgets, among other things. A safety audit is a structured assessment and evaluation of how workplace activities can affect […]

servicios de limpieza

Cleaning service software: features and benefits

Schedule jobs, track field units, and manage invoicing and customer records from an office desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone are some of the daily duties for companies that provide cleaning services.  Whether you have a commercial cleaning business or house cleaning service, keep up to date with new technologies is essential to improve cleaning efficiencies, safety, and […]

mobile forms

Why your business should switch to mobile forms?

In today’s competitive world, companies need advantages to keep up with the upcoming challenges. New technologies have provided businesses a wide range of options to choose from in order to evolve their processes. Mobile forms are having a great impact on businesses because they are helping them to increase productivity and to lower operational costs. […]

centros de almacenamiento

5 steps to optimize your warehouse operations

An organized warehouse environment leads to increased efficiency, more accurate inventory and a positive workplace atmosphere. Therefore, warehouse organization can make or break a business’ bottom line. Why is it important to optimize your warehouse? Efficiency is key to every business. It every department of your company is well organized, the overall productivity of your […]

oficina sin papel

10 steps to create a paperless office

Paper is everywhere and businesses spend a lot of time and money moving and disposing paperwork around. Decades ago a paperless office seemed like a distant dream. Today, thanks to technology, the amount of paper used by companies decreased substantially, we can still do more. For today’s businesses probably cannot go completely paperless as sometimes […]


4 innovations that are changing the mining industry

The mining industry has become a great laboratory for the development and application of new technologies. It has gone from being an activity where physical work was fundamental to being an activity where many teams operate remotely and where the use of efficient technology is essential. Mining is considered one of the most productive and […]


Turn your paper forms into smart mobile forms

Paperwork is received 25% slower and has 50% more errors than mobile forms. There’s also more risks of data entry errors and more chances of losing or damaging relevant information which can be a major problem for business. Mobile forms permit you automate data collection and allow you to send information in real-time from a […]