The importance of conducting safety audits

Safety audits are essential for any industry because they are procedures designed to keep people safe, improve operational efficiency and reduce maintenance costs and the findings are used to improve safety, help with equipment scheduling, set budgets, among other things. A safety audit is a structured assessment and evaluation of how workplace activities can affect […]

construction industry

How to use inspection checklists in construction?

Construction projects are becoming more demanding and complex. In an industry where health and safety issues can be matters of life and death inspection checklists can be critical quality control tools for the entire construction industry. Construction inspection checklists (also known as an inspection form) are effective ways to operate in compliance with the health and safety […]


Tips to improve your on-site inspections

Store inspections are preventive tools that help an organization to detect and control unusual and risky situations and  improve production processes and safety conditions. Safety audits and inspections are much more than compliance. These procedures help your company to retain low maintenance costs and keep people safe while improving operational efficiency. Field inspections are essential […]

6 apps para avaliação de danos em desastres naturais

6 apps supporting damage assessment work upon natural disasters

Right now, the United States and the Caribbean are experiencing a devastating hurricane season, bringing winds so intense that have caused the destruction of infrastructure, massive energy blackouts and the loss of human lives in different countries of the area. As it passes through Miami, hurricane Irma has already turned into the first storm in […]

Formulario de Inspección

Inspection forms get up to date with the 21st century

Data collection methods for field inspections have significantly changed after the fast irruption of mobile technology in everyday life. The smartphone has adapted to the business requirements for higher effectiveness and productivity levels, apart from representing important in cost reductions and time savings, providing a valuable option versus the traditional inspection forms. If your company […]

Inspección de vehiculo auto

Vehicle inspection forms: Challenges and solutions

Vehicle roadworthiness testing is a very important procedure in the industry of auto insurance and mechanical workshops as a tool which ensures to comply with the insurance policy, in the first case, and to offer a proper diagnosis, in the second case. In both areas, vehicle inspection forms –which are generally paper documents- are the […]

Checklist para inspeção de empresas de limpeza

Companies innovate using cleaning inspection checklists

The online world offers many alternatives which are redefining tasks that used to depend solely on pen and paper, alternatives that in most cases simplify and boost companies’ operations in unexpected ways. These activities include cleaning inspection tasks, which require a comprehensive list of elements specialized companies must consider (such as mold and fungus detection, […]

Store Checklist

Past and present of store inspection reports

Store inspection allows companies to receive updated information from different sales points. A quick analysis of the areas for improvement at each establishment after the store inspection is an attribute highly regarded by companies, since it turns into an improved service quality, happier customers and greater profits in the long run. Given that store inspection […]

Saiba mais sobre os softwares de inspeção

Everything you should know about inspection software

What are inspections? Inspections involve visiting a location, collecting data, performing evaluations, and returning your findings to a central office for its storage or further action. The purpose of these inspections is to prevent risky situations so that no accidents, contingencies or flaws materialise, eliminating or reducing any of them to tolerable values, and keep […]