12 Tips to write good survey questions

  • noviembre 8th, 2019
  • Surveys
  • DataScope

When writing survey questions, some common mistakes are easy to make even on the simplest of questions. These following tips can help to avoid possible drawbacks. Include simple questions Questions must be easy to understand, therefore, you need to use a simple language. The most important thing is to write questions that your readers can […]


10 reasons to use a survey app

The boom of apps is a positive move for data collection. Apps don’t just make surveys more “mobile friendly”; they also allow people to supply different types of information that might be harder to gather in traditional phone or email surveys. Survey apps are applications that enable people to take surveys on their smartphone or […]


How to create a powerful digital survey?

Surveys apps are a great tool to obtain feedback without spending too much time and effort. Due to the fact that all the tasks are automated, it becomes easier for a company to design and run a survey. For users, it is also easy and less time consuming to give their feedback. For businesses, surveys […]


How to measure customers’ satisfaction?

Know what our clients think about our company is essential for our brand image and to understand our position in a highly competitive market. How to know what our customers think about our brand? We simply must ask for feedback How to ask for feedback from our customers? There are different ways to request and […]

Online surveys

Advantages of using online surveys

Surveys are essential to obtain feedback from your customers and potential clients. In all types of organizations reaction is the jumping off point to continuous improvement and effectiveness. There are many ways of gathering data from the target audience and online surveys are some of the most widely utilized methods.   In business, surveys can […]

Llenar una encuesta en Google Forms sin internet

Can you fill out a survey on Google Forms… offline?

Google Forms are the most popular and efficient tools worldwide to create all kinds of online surveys. Being totally free, offering a lot of question options, and having a full integration with the other Google Drive tools (allowing to add data from different spreadsheets, for example), Google Forms quickly became a simple way to create […]

Encuesta Origen Destino EOD

After the renewal of the Origin-Destination survey

Transportation is one of the key sectors in urban planning, and a proper record of its daily flow becomes essential to determine future politics which help improve the way people move about in the city. Statistical reports are the tools most used by urban planners to define the sector’s future objectives. An understanding of trip […]

Vantagens das pesquisas off-line

5 advantages of offline surveys versus digital questionnaires

Who hasn’t completed a survey at least once? From offline surveys (on paper forms) for population censuses, to digital questionnaires which became popular in different platforms since the arrival of Internet, these old data collection techniques are still as popular as ever both on a corporative level and on the public sector. In this regard, […]