por que a inovação na captura de dados é essencial para as empresas

Innovation in data capture, key for companies

A study carried out by BI Intelligence, the analysis section of the Business Insider website, estimates that by 2020 there will be 34.000 million connected devices worldwide. The dizzying figure equals more than 4 devices per inhabitant in the planet. In comparison, the figure calculated by 2015 was 10.000 million. Meanwhile, a report by Gartner […]

Formulario de Inspección

Inspection forms get up to date with the 21st century

Data collection methods for field inspections have significantly changed after the fast irruption of mobile technology in everyday life. The smartphone has adapted to the business requirements for higher effectiveness and productivity levels, apart from representing important in cost reductions and time savings, providing a valuable option versus the traditional inspection forms. If your company […]

Benefícios de usar formulários móveis nas empresas

4 things paper forms won’t do for your company

Paper forms became the undisputed kings of data collection for decades. However the arrival of computers, the Internet and smartphones among other tech developments, maked the end of an era for paper forms. How many companies keep filing cabinets full of paper forms and other similar documents collecting dust, when they could be digitalized so […]

Encuesta Origen Destino EOD

After the renewal of the Origin-Destination survey

Transportation is one of the key sectors in urban planning, and a proper record of its daily flow becomes essential to determine future politics which help improve the way people move about in the city. Statistical reports are the tools most used by urban planners to define the sector’s future objectives. An understanding of trip […]

Paper Forms

Mobile form and its revolution of information management

Wouldn’t you like to close the office after a hard day’s work and check out that all the assigned tasks were completed successfully, without even touching a single paper file? In our present intensely mediated by technology, the mobile form has become an essential management tool to reach the objectives your company has set out […]

mobile form certification

Digital forms simplify quality certifications

Quality certifications such as the classic ISO 9001 are proceedings by which a company provides a written warranty that a product, process or service from another company complies with certain quality requirements. And who could say otherwise? For many reasons, quality certifications are the best allies any organization can boast. According to the website Commercial […]

Facility Manager DataScope

Facility manager and mobile tools: Win-Win

The facility manager today is forced to deal with a variety of daily responsibilities while complying with strict regulatory measures, maintaining aging assets and infrastructure, and facing pressures to cut expenses and complete more work with less resources. His function is even more complex considering the facility manager handles the work of different service providers, […]

Ventas en terreno

Mobile presales: doing business from the palm of your hand

Many companies are suffering the same problem: they can’t consolidate their sales instantly, delaying not only the consolidation of scattered information but also -which is even more serious- delaying additional time to deliver the orders to their customers. If you and your company are committed to embrace innovation with mobile solutions to achieve high impact […]

Operaciones en terreno

Field operations, enhanced by mobile forms

Smartphones clearly have made an impact in changing things, not only in our private lives. Mobile apps are also causing a revolution in the labour market. For example, big and small companies specialized in field operations are incorporating software for mobile devices available at all times for its workers, and they are setting the trend […]

Formularios Medicos Moviles

How to know when to upgrade your medical history forms

The health industry is trying to adjust to the outbreak of new technologies such as Internet and mobile devices. Just like other industries in which new tech tools are being added to improve or supplement the “traditional ways” how things were done until now, the world of medicine is promoting changes in essential documents such […]

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