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Mobile solutions to field services

The boom of mobile technology has motivated more and more companies to dare enforcing this sort of tools to track their operations in real time. According to a Corporate Mobility Study developed by the company Nubison, 60% of the surveyed companies considered that the importance of mobile technology for their organization is high, and 58% […]


10 Reasons to dismiss paper forms

All around the world the digitalization of paper documents is getting more and more popular among companies. In Chile, for example, after the enforcement of the mandatory electronic invoicing on August 1st, 331,000 companies switched from printed to electronic invoices, and nearly 86% of the total invoices issued daily are digital, according to the newspaper […]

tablet in field

Mobile forms and the revolution in business management

It seems everyone owns a smartphone today. At any time of the day, and wherever one may look, the glow of a cellphone screen will always be there, shining on the face of a neighbor, a friend, or a stranger in the subway. And it’s not just a sensation: this is confirmed by the figures. […]