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Best apps for gathering data in the field

Data collection apps allow you to gather a wide variety of information. If you need to collect data in the field, you might need a specific tool that can be easily used by your team members even when they’re offline. How to choose the right data collection tool? Ideally, these tools should allow you collect […]


Why companies are using mobile forms for inspections

Workplace inspections are an important part of any effective health and safety management system and help to prevent work-related injuries and illnesses. They are used to ensure that appropriate controls are in place in case that any accident might occur. Workplace inspections can also identify and report potential hazards that should be removed. Any type […]


Create an elevator maintenance checklist

Elevators are very complicated pieces of equipment that need constant maintenance to keep running safely and smoothly. Elevator malfunctions can create safety hazards and cause expensive repairs. To avoid these issues and ensure all equipment is working in good condition and in compliance with building regulations, they need regular preventive maintenance inspections. Performing regular elevator […]


The challenges of managing field workers

The concept of mobile workforce is transforming our professional lives and our work place. According to the recent Strategy Analytics‘ Global Mobile Workforce Forecast, the global mobile workforce will increase to 1.87 billion people in 2022, accounting for 42.5% of the global workforce, Managing field workers can be complicated and challenging. Finding a solution to […]


Site inspections: Why using digital checklists?

Sites could be dangerous places with all the heavy machinery, equipment and a lot of people moving around. In order to manage sites and to prevent mechanical hazards and work accidents, managers need to have proactive measures such as site inspections which are assessment tours to check and inspect specific phases of work, equipment and […]


7 Steps to build a better work order process

When things get busy at the office, having an organize work order process can make things easier. Disorganized or non-existent work order management could result in lost time and less productivity for your business. In this post, we will give you some ideas to keep your work order management process organized and establish a more […]

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How digital technology is changing agriculture?

The world is becoming ever more connected through digital technology. Mobile devices are getting smaller, faster, cheaper and more efficient. Many industries are taking advantage of this digital innovation to address challenges in their sector. Digital tools are helping many businesses to take better decisions, and farmers are no exception. Technology and new digital tools […]

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6 best practices to organize your work orders

Processing, prioritizing, and tracking incoming work orders requires a lot of effort, especially when they are coming from different channels such as emails, meetings, instant messages, phone calls, and more. Managing all these requests is time-consuming and difficult to sustain. Do you want to bring organization to the chaos of incoming work order so you can spend […]


How to create a powerful digital survey?

Surveys apps are a great tool to obtain feedback without spending too much time and effort. Due to the fact that all the tasks are automated, it becomes easier for a company to design and run a survey. For users, it is also easy and less time consuming to give their feedback. For businesses, surveys […]