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DataScope Features

DataScope is a platform that allows various industries to streamline,
organize and evaluate the work of their field staffs.

Collect data offline
Robust dashboard
and automated reports
GPS-, time- and date-verified work
Assign tasks and get performance indicators
Evaluate the work to have accurate metrics
Chat with your workforce to reduce reaction time
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Field Services
DataScope Field Services
With DataScope you can achieve high quality standards, obtain transparency and promote accuracy for all the work done in field
DataScope Retail
Your retail programs are only successful if they’re executed properly. But with a lack of mobile tools, high staff turnover and inefficient allocation and scheduling processes, it’s a tall order—unless you have
DataScope’s suite of tools. Then it’s a small one.
Construction Services
DataScope Construction Services
Get visibility of what is happening in your construction works and improves reaction time
Outdoor Advertisement/Campaigns
DataScope Production Plants
Process Certification Forms?
Traceability of Processes?
Production Metrics?
Mining Services
DataScope Mining Services
In Mining services you must have high standards of security and quality. With DataScope you can accomplish this easily
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