Bizzabo is an event success platform that helps organizers create successful events by empowering them to build amazing websites, sell tickets, grow communities, go mobile and maximize their events experiences and results.

Event Management Bizzabo
Bizzabo is an event success platform that helps organizers create successful events by empowering them to build amazing websites, sell tickets, grow communities, go mobile and maximize their events experiences and results.
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Meet-ups, summits, conferences—these events gather industry experts and enthusiasts to build community and foster learning. They're where the new product announcements and headline-leading speeches happen that you see shared on social media, your favorite blogs, and even on the news. What goes on behind the scenes, however, is another story. Event planners know just how much crucial planning and intense work go into managing and promoting these events. You typically need a variety of tools to create and track purchased tickets, reserved seats, member activity, campaign performance, and other event goals. And, you want to make things memorable for attendees so they'll want to come back next time.Read MoreBizzabo helps by pulling everything you need for an event into an all-in-one events marketing platform. It'll help you make a site for your event, register attendees, let them spread the word, and then ensure attendees can get the most out of your event. And your team can get insights to make the next event as good as possible, by tracking your event performance against your goals.After setting up your organizer profile in Bizzabo, it’s time to create your first event. The event setup page captures necessary information such as the event name, schedule, event type and topic, and registration type (i.e. free vs paid). Once you’ve filled these fields, set a registration goal to aim and work for. This informs Bizzabo of the number of registered seats needed to reach this goal. Once you save this event, Bizzabo takes you to the Events Success Dashboard where you can see a countdown to your event, metrics for when your event launches, and links to your event page. Every new event activates a walkthrough where you need to finish crucial tasks to get your event up and running. A progress tracker sits on top of these tasks to give you a visual on how much needs to get done. To kick things off, you can design your event using Bizzabo’s drag-and-drop website editor by clicking on Website & Mobile from the top menu. This opens a template gallery with customizable templates. Drag and edit page elements—everything from typefaces to logos—to fit your brand, and see all the changes in the live preview pane. Finally, you’ll want to add\ agenda and speakers page, along with tickets and registration forms since these are the pages that will drive your customers to sign up for you event. An event’s reach relies heavily on its marketing campaigns—and with Bizzabo, you'll rely on those most excited about your events to spread the word. Bizzabo turns followers into event advocates through Ticket Boost, a feature that allows registrants to share a promo code that discounts tickets for both the promo sharer and the new registrant. They can share these promo codes through their own social media campaigns, blog contests, and the like. Throughout your campaign, you can save potential registrants who didn’t finish registration using Bizzabo’s Hot Leads tool. By highlighting these users, you can create targeted marketing campaigns that can encourage them to finish filling their forms. When done effectively, you may just have a full house before your event opens its doors. Then, perhaps most importantly, Bizzabo's mobile app will help your event attendees meet up with each other—and will help spread the word about your event as well. Anyone with the Bizzabo app can search for nearby events—including yours—and sign up for the directly from the app. They can the view the event calendar, follow speakers, and even meet up with other attendees with similar interests. That will turn your event into something much more meaningful for attendees, while helping you keep the event organized at the same time.If you need a tool to help you get more out of your next event, Bizzabo can do it all. It'll help you organize the event, make it easier to market to potential attendees, and ensure everyone gets the most out of coming to your event. And, it just might help you find the next great local event to attend where you'll get tips and meet people for your next event, too.


List Events.
New Order
Triggers when a new order is placed in an active event.
New Registrant
Triggers when there is a new registration to an active event.
Registration Transfer
Triggers when registration is transferred to another attendee in an active event.
Update Order
Triggers when there is an update to the order status in an active event.
Update Registrant
Triggers when there is an update to registration details in an active event.

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