Ticketbud is a tool that helps you manage your event, sell tickets, promote your ticket sales and capture data about your audience.

Event Management Ticketbud
Ticketbud is a tool that helps you manage your event, sell tickets, promote your ticket sales and capture data about your audience.
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If your organization runs irregular events, you might have realized how hard it is to sell tickets and make money. You have to figure out everything from how to sell tickets on your website (a problem more complex than you might have time for), all the way to how to maintain a guest list so you can check people in on the big day. You’ll also want to figure out how to sell tickets at the door and maintain proper records that night for your bookkeeper.I’ve been a part of that process before, and I’m exhausted just thinking about it. If you’ve ever sold tickets on your website, or tried to do this on your own, I’m sure you know exactly what I mean.Read MoreIf you’ve had this problem, or you have it now, Ticketbud is the situation you’re looking for. With Ticketbud, you can easily create events and sell tickets—with no additional cost.The second you sign up for Ticketbud, you’re creating an event. You set up the date and time just like any other event creator, but when you’re done, you can add individual tickets and quantities. So if your event has 500 general admission seats, and 40 backstage passes, you can add them separately here—each with their own price points.It’s worth spending a little bit of time on this part of Ticketbud. Although Ticketbud doesn’t charge your for your account, they do take a cut of each ticket sale. You can pass along that cut as an additional cost to your customers, or you can embed it in the ticket cost. Because of Ticketbud’s unique options here, you can essentially charge people money for your event without incurring any expenses.That being said, there are a couple other options you’ll want to consider. You can also sell tickets at the door. If you want to do that, Ticketbud has an iPhone app and a POS system that lets you take mobile payments. You can rent the POS system from Ticketbud’s store (and even rent an iPod Touch if you need an iOS device for your event). On the day of the event, you’ll be able to use the POS terminal to collect payments, and the app will let you check people in or scan their printable tickets using your iOS device.Ticketbud will prepare a payout after every day. You can connect with various different credit card processing companies as well; in the US and Canada, for instance, WePay, Stripe, and PayPal are available. Ticketbud will recommend the best payment processor for your needs (based on price and availability). After you’ve set up your event in Ticketbud’s system, you can invite your colleagues to collaborate with you on it, and start selling tickets and promoting your event. Ticketbud includes a few extra bits and baubles to make that easier for you.Although you’re not able to embed the event into your own website, Ticketbud allows you to create your own landing page for an event. It can have custom CSS, background images, different colours, an embedded map to your event, and even sponsors (if you have any to add). You can disable any of these features, if you don’t plan on using them, so you event page doesn’t have anything you don’t need. When you’re done, it looks akin to some of the Eventbrite pages you may have seen in the past.These landing pages can be public (which makes them visible to search engines), private (invisible to search engines), or invite-only (each guest needs to manually have a ticket sent to them). Although they’re easy to customize, they’ll never look identical to your website—so if your ticketing needs require that sort of integration, you’ll need to look elsewhere.After you’re done customizing your event page, it’s your job to generate traffic to the page. Ticketbud offers some help here. They provide discount codes and/or access codes, Facebook integration and tracking, and Google Analytics for your landing page so you can track it during the event. You can send invites vie email to individual recipients or upload a comma separated list, as well as email all the attendees at once—directly through Ticketbud. And if you’re expecting to roll out the red carpet for any VIP guests, you can easily send them complimentary tickets. (And if your lawyer is asking, you can even customize your Terms and Conditions for each ticket sale.)Ticketbud also makes it easy to add a custom ticket purchase confirmation page (or URL redirect) and widgets for your website (both small and large). The widgets aren’t customizable, but they’re easy enough to add: just copy and paste the iFrame URL into your website where you need it to go.On the day of the event, you can check in guests using the web app or the iPhone app. You can sell tickets at the door using the afore-mentioned iPhone app and Point of Sale dongle. And since customers can print our copies of their tickets, you can also scan them using the same app. Using Ticketbud for all this keeps everything in one place, which will keep both you and your bookkeeper sane.Finally, Ticketbud has an excellent reporting view. You can have automated sales reports sent to you or colleagues, and examine your data in myriad ways. Obviously, you can examine overall ticket sales, but you can also look at sales by ticket, export a detailed .csv report, analyze your sales and sales map, and track your check-in history at your event. All this information helps you keep on top of your sales and makes it easy to see what worked for your event, once it’s over.Ticketbud is easy to use, but there’s one important customer that it won’t work for. If you work for an organization that consistently runs events, and you need more cohesive ways to integrate your ticket sales with your websites, you’ll need to find another solution. Despite the fact that you can run reports for all the events in your dashboard, Ticketbud works best if you use it for occasional events. If events are your business, you might want to find a more appropriate way to run that.If your business isn’t about events, but sometimes you need to host events for your business or your clients, then Ticketbud might be exactly what you’re looking for. It’s a comprehensive and affordable solution for creating, promoting, and running single events. Never run into the headache of running an event on your own again.


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