Universe is a DIY ticketing platform that provides everything event organizers need to sell tickets and manage small and medium-sized events.

Event Management Universe
Universe is a DIY ticketing platform that provides everything event organizers need to sell tickets and manage small and medium-sized events.
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If you’re an event organizer, you need a seamless and easy way to keep your events, well, organized. You need a single spot to list event details, collect payments and sell tickets, and generate reports about your event performance. Add electronic ticketing, discount codes, ticket packages, and other extras, and you’d have event planning perfection.Ticketing app Universe makes it a reality. It’s a robust ticketing system that makes events easy to run—and it even lists all hosted events, so you can use it to find a great event to attend yourself.Read MoreEvents are free to host, and Universe takes a small portion of the ticket costs for paid events (and it’s fully free for free events). Setting up events is easy: just add general information about the event, add tickets you want to sell, upload images for your landing page, and click Publish. If your event is public, it’ll immediately get listed in Universe’s event catalogue.Events can be as complicated or simple as you want them to be. Say you’re running a film festival, as I used in the example. You could make each film its own event, with options for Regular Admission, 3D, and Meet and Greet tickets for each.Say you created events for a celebration of Roger Deakins’ cinematograph work. You could add separate events, with multiple ticket prices for films like Blade Runner 2049, No Country For Old Men, and Skyfall*—with meet and greets on certain showings. You could also create another event that counted as a pass to see all three of these movies, with or without a single meet and greet included. Adding past events to this multi-event ticket pass is easy, and if you change the information for *Skyfall, the information for Skyfall on the Roger Deakins pass would change there too—automatically.It’s also easy to adjust settings for your audience. You can select whether attendees can return or transfer tickets, and how late they can return them tickets. You can also add reminder emails or have your team approve each attendee first.Now, you’ve got to sell your tickets. Universe lets you include order forms and widgets right on your website. Attendees can then buy tickets on your website, without being redirected to Universe. These widgets also work on Facebook, so people can buy tickets right from your Facebook page. Universe also lets you add discount codes for attendees who are willing to share your event on social media, too. And if your event has sponsors, you can give them each an affiliate code and widgets to sell tickets on their sites, with reports about each sponsor’s performance.When attendees purchase a ticket, they’ll receive a QR code via email. On the day of the event, you can use Universe Ticket’s mobile app to check in attendees and scan their QR code. With Universe’s credit card scanner, you can use your phone to handle ticket sales at the door as well. You can also manage your guests, so you can give out comps and indicate who should be given VIP treatment.Once the event is over, Universe’s dashboard gives you a quick overview of the money you’ve made, with reports that give you enough data to know in general how your event went. You can track all the details you want, with Google Analytics and Tag Manager integration, and an API and Zapier integrations to connect your events to your favorite apps. If you need to mine the data for more information, you can export the reports as Excel or .csv files, too.There’s one final thing you should consider: how you get paid. Universe allows you to sell tickets at whole price or at a payment plan level, which means that you get paid in instalments for more expensive tickets. You can also use Universe’s payment processing solution, which has a 3% processing fee on each credit card purchase, or you can use Stripe to get whatever processing fee they’ve provided you with (typically 2.8% + 30¢). Universe’s service fees are the same with both payment solutions. Universe’s payout process begins 48 hours after a ticket is sold, so if you need funds released immediately, you’ll have to enable Stripe.For event organizes, Universe is as close as you can get to a dream come true. The app is easy to use, but most importantly, it includes everything you need to make your event a success. Never struggle with managing an event again.


Listings Hosted Dropdown
Triggers when a host of a listing clicks the dropdown from selecting the options.
Order Sold
Triggers when a purchase has been made on Universe and stores order information from the buyer. Buyer information is collected once per order.
Test Trigger
Only for test trigger
Ticket Sold
Triggers when a purchase has been made through Universe and stores Attendee information. Attendee information is collected for each ticket in an order.

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